cropped-kite-dubai2-1.jpg Level 1 Kitesurfer Please note that outcomes may vary with students abilities or changing weather conditions on the day. Wind direction Equipment and setup Safety Wind window Theory on how the Kite turns, flies, powers up and depowers Assisting launching the kite Flying the kite and activating Launching the kite assisted Go to the water and perform a down wind body drag course in the water entering and existing the water alone Relaunch the kite in the water Perform a self rescue in deep water Perform a cross wind body drag Level 2 Kitesurfer Set up the kite and check the equipment alone Body drag away from shore going down wind and come back to shore Body drag across the wind Body dragging across the wind with one hand and go up wind Confidently body dragging upwind with the kite holding stable height in the sky Learn the water start theory and practice excersizes (Body / board positions and kite control method) Recover the board in deep water and place your feet into the foot straps whilst flying the kite Positioning and controlling the kite to water start and stand up on the board Stand up on the board and ride down wind whilst flying the kite up and down
Level 3 Kitesurfer Set up and check your equipment for your session Ride away from shore on the board and ride back to shore Edge on Heelside and Toeside to change course Stop by edging hard Be able to keep an edge Ride away from shore and come back to the starting point. Ride upwind Constantly ride upwind