Pringles Kitesurf World Cup


Pringles Kitesurf World Cup Fehmarn – Day Four

Day Four commenced with an early start for the riders and crew, with a 7am skipper’s meeting in order to not miss out on the suitable conditions. Fehmarn finally provided some stronger winds, so the freestyle trials could get underway! The first heats of the day were the Men’s trials, with side-offshore winds of approximately 20 to 25 knots. The competition area was moved further out to try and improve the conditions for the riders, but they were still challenging. There was high pressure throughout the trials as the men battled it out to gain one of the 6 spots available in the main event. Sadly, Spanish rider Maxi Gomez injured himself in the first heat, going for a big KGB, and had to be assisted out of the water. Young rider Lars de Groof from Belgium performed solidly and locked himself a position in the Main event. Italian rider Gianmaria Coccoluto put on a impressive display, and did a powerful Back Mobe 5 which scored him 7.07 points, but the consistency of Luis Alberto Cruz, our previous event winner from the Dominican Republic, put him in first position, and guaranteed him a place in the main event. thumb2_80579 Austrian rider Mike Schitzhofer also pulled out some solid tricks and was extremely happy to secure his way through to the next round. Adeuri Corniel continued on from his good performance in the last event in Cabarete, scoring 7 points for a nice Front Blind Mobe, also placing him first in his heat and securing his spot in the main event. In Heat 5 we saw the young Dominican rider Joselito del Rosario claim a deserved win over his other competitors. The last man to win his heat and pass through was the young 16 year old rider Anthar Racca from Mexico. He performed a good variety of tricks including an S-Mobe 5 with gave him the advantage over his competitors. The Women also struggled with the tough conditions, but Laura Jaubert performed a solid display of tricks to earn her position in the main event. Joining her was Annabel Van Westerop, giving a strong and confident performance, her S-bend to Blind scoring a nice 6.9, the highest Women’s score of the day. The last heat of the trials was a tight call between Francesca Bagnoli from Italy and Isabeau Galiart from the Netherlands, but is was Isabeau who nailed a nice S-bend to Blind in the last moment that gave her the advantage and the final spot in the main event. thumb3_80579 The challenging and gusty winds continued to blow, so at 6.30 pm the main freestyle event got underway. The girls continued to struggle with the wind conditions, but it was UK rider Hannah Whiteley and Czech rider Paula Novotna who earned their 1st and 2nd places in their heat, passing them both directly to round 3. In Heat number 2, Isabeau Galiart managed to continue with her powerful riding and won her heat landing a nice Hinterberger Mobe, followed by Pauline Valesa who finished with a nice S-Bend to Blind, and will be joining her in Round Three. thumb4_80579 At 8 pm the event was called off for the day. It was a successful day with over 10 hours of competitionand live streaming. thumb5_80579 Skipper’s meeting has again been called for 7.30 am with first possible start at 8.30 am. The aim will be to continue with the Freestyle Main Event.

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