Dubai kite academy is your premium Kitesurfing and Stand-up Paddle Boarding school in Dubai. Our instructors are IKO certified kiteboarding professionals with international teaching experience and a strong passion for what they do. We know that you want to learn to kitesurf in Dubai in the quickest, safest, and most fun way possible, and our IKO instructors are here to help make sure this is exactly what happens! We live to ride and we want to ride together. Our passion is kiteboarding. It's what we do. It's ALL we do! Through our hugely successful IKO kitesurfing lesson package programme, we have taught hundreds of tourists visiting Dubai and many, many locals how to kitesurf safely. And we have had heaps of fun along the way! We strive to make this sport accessible to people of all agesshapes, and sizes, and maintain that if only you are willing to try, we are sure we can make a kitesurfer out of you!   Whether you are simply looking to enjoy your vacation in Dubai on the beach or searching for your next adrenaline fix, kiteboarding can be the epic challenge you've been waiting for! Our goal is to teach you to become an independent rider; competentconfident, and part of our friendly kiting community. We offer customised private kitesurfing lessons that are tailored to each and every student's individual needs, goals, and expectations. We also offer group lessons to those who want to learn with a friend, watching each other fly as you advance to the next level. Whatever kitesurfing lessons package you choose, we are sure we can get you up and riding in no time!   Dubai kite academy is proud to announce that we are the first kitesurfing school in Dubai to offer an exclusive tandem experience to first-time flyers. This is the best way for kids to experience the thrill of kitesurfing in Dubai whilst safely secured to their own IKO instructor. Watch your little ones learn to ride in a matter of minutes! The old mantra 'learn by doing' is at the heart of our tandem kiteboarding experience, as we strive to take a hands-on approach to both teaching and learning how to kitesurf.   Kitesurfing is a mixture of surfing, wakeboarding, & paragliding... A hybrid watersport that incorporates the best of all these unique ways in which we challenge ourselves. To kitesurf is to fly, to give yourself wings! To feel the freedom the wind brings and the ocean promises. Kitesurfing is your ticket to the world... Your own way to break free from the crowd and become the black sheep. To see the world from a different perspective and go places you never imagined you would visit. The team at Dubai kite surf academy  is proud to have the opportunity to share our passion in life with you. The wind is waiting!
  Dubai kitesurf  academy is your starting point to kitesurfing in Dubai . We seek to provide not only the best and safest instruction for the new comers to the sport, but also we try to make the learning fun with a clear set out plan individually tailored to your capability and learning speed,and working on your weak points which helps us reduce the learning time and eliminate your risk of injury to reach our goal of making you a competent all around kitesurfer in no time . We speak your language Our team of certified and experienced kite instructors who speak 6 different languages
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Russian
We are a team of kiteboarding professionals and passionate instructors teaching kitesurfing in Abu Dhabi & Dubai for more than a decade. Our kitesurfing school offering kitesurfing lessons in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Dedicated to provide the best service to the kitesurfing community of the region. We are covering all aspect of the sports from Iko qualified tuition, sales of top international brands, rental and repair of any equipment. Thanks to our extended knowledge and long presence in the region, we are behind numerous local and regional kitesurfing & Stand Up Paddle events and competitions. Finally we are offering our customers Kitesurfing advance clinics with participation of top international Pro riders and summer surfers trip packages. If you need kitesurfing lessons in Abu Dhabi or Dubai don’t hesitate contact us. Dubai Kitesurf School  is a leading provider of kitesurfing training UAE and the Middle East. The School is fully certified by the UAE General Authority of Youth and Sport Welfare and the Ministry of Labour. All our instructors are IKO certified(International Kitesurf Association).

“Our goal is simple; whatever your desire, aspirations, dreams, goals and expectations, our promise is to ensure your experience with us is outstanding, fulfilling, unforgettable and above all FUN! Need we say more!

Dubai kitesurf  Academy in collaboration with  believes in providing Excellence and Experience to each of our customers. This is why we have always been working to the highest standards with the most experienced and professional team, the safest, most up-to-date equipment and a caring philosophy.

We also believe strongly in being involved in our local community and giving back where we can. There is a large water-sports community here which has been growing day by day and it gives us great pride to know that we have played a part in it.